WHIRRL Is Coming in December

Can an Artist or Artists have too many influences? WHIRRL thinks otherwise.

Having had the opportunity in life to travel the world, and to keep their eyes, ears and hearts open, Marc Teamaker and Robert Baird, the members of WHIRRL, came together musically to celebrate and add to the world of original music.

With vast musical influences, from Delius to Acid Jazz, WHIRRL the artists and musicians, aren’t afraid to mix genres, styles, and express their lives, hopes, dreams, and peeves in their music.

Both see making music as one of life’s greatest gifts. And both are not confined by a strict musical style or genre of music.

It really is “all about expression” of life and its challenges and celebrations. A universal gift, as is music, can be expressed in any form.

Expression is paramount. Variation, freedom, experimentation, and musical alchemy are the guiding principles of WHIRRL and the music they create.

Welcome to the world of WHIRRL.