Marc Teamaker and The Soul Shop’s “all the little mornings” Out now!

4PAN2TE1_MTeamaker_Cover2-1How long has it been? Wasn’t it two minutes ago we last met Marc, Ray and Jared in The Soul Shop up the park on Serena Lane for coffee? You remember! Those endless afternoons and evenings beneath the brew of rock, pop, country, folk, jazz, bossa and soul blended together by the natural maturing of life. Or was that before Rome? Ten years you say? Has it really been a decade? It always seems the way…


Time isn’t relative; time is the mischievous stranger who steals into your room and rearranges the furniture while you’re gazing at yourself in the mirror; the lifetime of longing reflected back in the eyes of a stranger in that fleeting glance as you both pass in the arrivals lounge; the age difference between the person you thought you were, the person you are and the person you need to be for her. It’s the spark of a second you needed in those weeks of the unrelenting; it’s the afternoon together that lasted all year;  it’s the forward momentum you felt even though the scenery stays unrepentantly the same; it’s the endless years of connection in days of first of attraction; it’s the rapid unravelling of the decades building a beautiful labour of love; it’s the years of your baby growing which passed in the blink of an eye; it’s the eternity spent waiting until the weekend you can see the person who stole your heart again. It’s All The Little Mornings-a cumulation of days and weeks and years of life expertly distilled onto two discs by Marc Teamaker and the Soul Shop. Jared Nixon and Ray Herrmann hold time as Marc Teamaker threads his compositions around it-as reassuringly familiar as leafing back through those moments you captured in light forever in the leather-bound book; as fresh as the promise of the new day.  ‘All The Little Mornings’-the stunning debut double LP from Marc Teamaker and the Soul Shop. – Iain Clarke 2019

Our new double album, “all the little mornings” is out now and available digitally at “all the little mornings” and on compact disc. Contact us here if you are interested in the CD. For a short time can get a free copy of the CD if you buy it digitally.