Skinny Wrist/Summer Come Save Me

‘Skinny Wrist’ and ‘Summer Come Save Me’ herald the long awaited return of Marc Teamaker & The Soul Shop, whose summer tinged pop, encompassing all points on the block between the intersection of Elvis Costello and Neil Finn and beyond, is a much needed breath of fresh air after the fog filled damp days of a long, dark winter for us all. Songwriter Marc Teamaker invites you to step freely back into a world where the sensuous and simple delights of life, love and other people triumph over the petty mountains of mediocrity that threaten to overwhelm the day to day. Ray Herrmann and Jared Nixon help to drive you along in a journey through two songs which take hold like a summer breeze, refreshing the senses and invigorating the soul. In a world where communication is rife while communion is rare; where the frontiers fade away and yet the barriers slam down; give yourself ten minutes-shut down, log off, pack away the wardrobe from your seasons of discontent, take the hand of the one you never knew you needed so much until the last time you saw them, and take a stroll down the avenue to browse The Soul Shop.
Available now…here…
Full double album is finished and coming soon on all the major platforms and compact disc.