The Sky…She Sleeps With One Eye Open

While the world may have shrunk in the last 20 years, The Spaces Between us have suddenly had to be a lot bigger. A trip to the Dollar Store, even a visit to the First Floor of the block, have been a lot more difficult, while recreation has been left to merely Circling Round The Town under a Blood Red Sun. Time to stop walking The Highwire in the Lonely War of lockdown and isolation and enjoy the summer’s breath of love on your face again.
The Sky…She Sleeps With One Eye Open, is the debut album from the Connecticut/Yorkshire combo of of Marc Teamaker and Iain Clarke. A collection of 12 songs created somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, filled with love, warmth, soul and heart, dipping into their mutual love of pop, soul, funk, folk and vibe. Before Winter Returns, take some time to stand in the sun, as the sky sleeps once more.
releases July 27, 2021

Available to check out and purchase here.

Featured Track – First Floor

All songs written by Marc Teamaker and Iain Clarke
Except ‘Let Mars Sleep’, written by Marc Teamaker, Iain Clarke and Robert Baird.
Produced by Teamaker/Clarke
Mixed and mastered by Marc Teamaker at Summer Place
all rights reserved © 2021

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