New Single/ Break the Record

Did you ever have your heart broken so much that it brought you back to life? Sober. Over. Anything that would take you…over.

So now I walk these streets daily. Through the park and back out onto the streets passing a plethora of restaurants and coming across
the occasional bronze statue of a business man or an artist painting the oncoming traffic. These days you rarely see a smile on someone’s face, or even a frown. Most people have acquiesced to the muzzling of our God given facial expressions. So all I can do is imagine that the woman is smiling at me as I catch her eye. I smile. She can certainly see that I am, with my flirting glance. I pretend. I dream. I walk on by in a relaxed Burt Bacharach kind of way.

Today I release a new single, “Break the Record.” It is now available at and will be premiering on YouTube at 7:00 PM GMT

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