My Dream #1

My Dream (January 10, 2020)

I took a wrong turn and wound up in this beautiful place. I was on an icy winter road and then found myself in a golden city on the water. I asked a couple of pretty strangers where I was but they couldn’t tell me. A young blonde girl named Morgan was watching her blonde friends dancing in a dance troupe clogging up the middle of the street that was under a roof. It was kind of like an outdoor mall or place where tourists would go. She was with a young boy with curly hair on a bicycle. He had a very warm feeling about him. Then an old lady phoned Violeta’s mother and she said that help was on the way. She put a radio on a table and it said that one thousand troops from New Town would be coming to help. The old lady said a boat would be coming to pick everyone up. I looked out of a window to see a small body of water leading out into a larger body of water. There was a lot of green and across the way a beautiful city. A European looking city with domes. I tried to guess the name but a voice said not to try.

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