My Dream #2

My Dream #2 (January 11, 2020)

The girl at the top of the steps, who looked like a young Helena Bonham Carter, said you should go to church this morning. Just as she said that I awoke to look at my watch. It read 3:33.

It’s a spring day on January eleventh and that sends my mind wandering. We are on walks over to Kedzie via Lawrence eastward passing the Brown Line glancing to the right and spying the Huddle House. It was possible that we found ourselves there at four in the morning after a show…the waitress saying in a cigarette gruff voice, as she puts down a Denver skillet and a Swiss cheese omelette, “Looks like you two had a rough night.” 

With weather like this the roughness of the night before is tempered a bit. But now I have to snap out of this daydream prayer because I have responsibilities to attend to eight hundred and twenty seven miles east. It was nice spending time with her again…just for the moment…light years away. Yes. Perhaps. But she is hardwired to my soul.

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