Christmas Eve and The Rain

It’s Christmas Eve. 11:45 pm. The rain is pounding in Stamford, Connecticut. I love it. It reminds me of Kathleen. We both hoped for these kinds of nights. It is such a special night Christmas Eve. Apart from waiting for the baby Jesus, it is the eve of the night I flew to Chicago in 2010 to meet KT. But this night, 10 years later, is special too.

My dream#7

December 24, 2020.

Christmas Eve.

I spent the evening with Evie and Juan. What a blessing. Then by chance, King Quiet came on the computer..somehow. ???. Evie’s photo from Shanghai on the cover of “Ping”…the second solo record? It was the Prairie Mix by Robert Baird. Dear Sir Robert who I spoke with earlier in the day from western Michigan. Another blessing. Evie. Robert. These are special human beings. These people are my heart. Then a text from Daniel. Kathleen’s Daniel. Kai responded too. These people, here and there, always in my heart and soul. Kai responded too. Daisy. And my brothers. My beautiful family, who I couldn’t be with tonight. Lock solid in my heart and soul. Wendy Girl, with the call, inviting me to Laurie Girl in case I had no one to be with…..But Evie…my daughter and my FAMILY…to be with her?

My Christmas Eve. The Rain.

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  1. How nice, that you got to speak to people who are important in your life. Good for you!! I would SO love to talk to one of those people, but, alas, that will never happen.

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