My Dream #4

My Dream #4

Fragments of a dream.

We are in a house that my brother built. At the beginning of the dream the mother of a student of mine is there with me. She is younger than me by about 15 years, and blonde. There is someone else there too, but I don’t know who. The mother goes down into the basement and I go looking in a cupboard, under a sink, which is off to the side of the kitchen. I am trying to find pot…the green kind. I find it and want to share it with the mother but the other someone says that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Now I go looking for a room upstairs, where I can smoke it, and come upon one of the attic kind with grey wall to wall carpeting. The windows are low to the ground.

The dream shifts.

The house is to be sold now and I am still there with a different other someone. I couldn’t tell you who that was either. There is also a 6 year old boy with me and we both go out back and around to the side of the house where there are steps leading up to the front. Steely Dan’s ‘Kid Charlemagne” is playing but it doesn’t sound the same as in the waking life. The boy says he likes it.


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